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Mystery and Fiction



mysteryThe crew over at Writing Excuses spent the month of June exploring “elemental mystery”.  That is, mystery understood not just as a bookstore genre like the murder mystery, but as a fundamental building block of almost all stories.  Their discussion is well worth listening to — in fact, their whole series, running since the beginning of the year, on Elemental Genre, is well worth spending some time on.

But it did leave me with a question I don’t have an answer to.  Is it possible to write an engaging piece of fiction that does not contain any element of mystery at all?  And what would that look like?

Anyone have any thoughts?



Welcome to the all new



Z Monster Zeke celebrating the re-launch of my blog.
Z Monster Zeke celebrating the re-launch of my blog.


A new site, a new beginning.

Some people might remember that I used to have several blogs: Books and Beasts, which focused on book reviews, Birdland West, which was about birding and wildlife, plus a space for personal reflections on whatever caught my (admittedly scattered) attention.

It’s been a while since any of those blogs were active.  I’ve dragged my feet about re-building this site.  But in the meantime I’ve been writing.  My most recently completed novel Mouthpiece is currently making the rounds of agents and publishers.  I’m at work on a sequel and several other projects.

But it feels like it’s time to resurrect the public space.  So here we are.

All those old topics will be coming up often in this blog often.  Writing, books, music, movies, television, baseball, animals, current events.  Give me a little time and themes will hopefully begin to emerge.

I will also be putting up an archive of the best of my previous blogs for anyone who might remember it fondly — or who is just curious.

So here we go, up and running again.  I’ll try to keep it interesting.