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Lucas Westbrooke (born Lucy) walked away from his home and the family who couldn’t accept him, vowing to earn a reputation with a quick draw and a deadly aim. He found freedom in a wider world where no one cared where he came from or who he had once been.

Rebecca Westbrooke has spent her life caring for the ranch her father built. Refusing to marry for security, she fights to hold on in the face of those who would prefer to see her lands controlled by a man. She still mourns the lost sister she loved but couldn’t understand.

Once they were twins, now they are strangers. Can they overcome a lifetime of pain and betrayal to unravel the mystery of their father’s death — before they become the next victims?

December, 1886. The storm that destroyed the west.

As Rebecca sets out on a business trip to Cheyenne, the clouds are already gathering. Powerful interests have the Westbrooke lands in their sites, and a hired killer is on her trail.

Bound by their lover for each other, torn apart by fear and doubt, the Westbrooke family must stand together against outside enemies and the betrayal of old friends.

Riding into the face of a blizzard that will change the west forever.

Once a celebrated child prodigy, Blaise Noether is now a struggling widowed mom trying to keep her head above water while she pursues her Ph.D. Only two things make her really angry: her kid’s math textbooks and jocks. In her mind, all athletes are like the bullies who terrorized her in high school. So when she crosses paths with rising basketball star Christie Dillard, Blaise’s interest is a null set. Christie is everything Blaise fears, fiercely competitive, brashly confident, and totally devoted to her game. That she is also endearingly awkward and irresistibly gorgeous is irrelevant data.

But when Blaise glimpses a paradigm-shifting epiphany in the geometry of Christie’s jump shot, she begins to suspect this jock might be the missing variable that could balance the equation of her life.