"The Universe is not only queerer then we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose." — JBS Haldane
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    One of my earliest memories is of dictating stories to my father before I learned how to write. I would then take them to school and alienate the other students by having the teacher read them to the class. I got my first typewriter when I was in grade school and promptly wore it out. I went through several lightweight models before my grandmother finally bought me a Smith-Corona that must have weighed fifty pounds. I carted that thing around through many moves and several states, much further into the computer age than I’d like to admit. I also filled up forests of legal pads, notebooks, scraps of paper, or whatever writing material I could find. Through years of wandering around, starting over, messing things up and trying to straighten them back out again, writing has been the one constant in my life.

    And also reading. I learned how to read before I started school and I never looked back. My childhood home was filled with books and I devoured anything I could get my hands on. Classics, current bestsellers, science fiction, mysteries, romances, westerns, fan fiction, D&D modules, non-fiction on a plethora of subjects, mythology, magazines, cereal boxes, road signs, and random scribbles on the sides of buildings — I read anything and everything I could find.

    As a storyteller, my roots are sunk deep in popular forms: pulp magazines, comic books, soap operas, movies, sitcoms, and TV drama. But I hope I’ve learned enough about writing and literature to bring something deeper to these influences. I have a passion for social justice, for inclusivity and diversity, and for the struggles of marginalized groups and individuals. I hope that is reflected in a positive way in my work.